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Laurent Diaz

Software Entrepreneur - Consultant

5 years of software experience, in start-ups and large companies, in France and India, working on CAD, Simulation, PLM & Virtual Reality applications.

Passionate about technology, I am now creating my own software Spread3D and helping companies to develop complex 3D solutions.



  • Software Entrepreneur, Spread3D

    Product definition, development and sales of an efficient software converting CAD data to 3D web experiences.

    Paris France, 2012-Present
  • Technology Consultant

    R&D consultancy, development & technology advisor on various domains of 3D software engineering.

    Paris France, 2013-Present



  • Technical Lead, Virtual Logic Systems

    R&D Architect for the in-house simulation platform
    Team Lead for different Virtual Reality & Serious Games projects
    Strong involvement with Pre Sales & Marketing

    Bangalore India, 2010-2011
  • Software Engineer, Dassault Systèmes

    Integration of several simulation applications (Finite Element Analysis, Kinematic, Logical) into CATIA V6 CAD Software.

    Paris France, 2008- 2010
  • Master Thesis, Virtual Logic Systems

    Real-time Thread Simulation for 3D Medical Laparoscopy Simulation.

    Bangalore India, 2007
  • Software Engineer, Vision Numeric

    Creation of a patented 3D algorithm for the interactive rendering of jewels in 3Design CAD software. Part-time work during my master.

    Lyon France, 2006

Areas of Expertise

Technical Know-How

  • Software Engineering

    Object Oriented Software Design & Implementation
    C++, JavaScript, AS3, C#, JAVA, Python, Ruby

  • 3D Graphics Programming

    Strong Graphics Concepts: OpenGL/WebGL, Shaders
    Open Source Engines: Ogre3D, Away3D & Three.js
    Commercial Engines: Unity3D, Virtools & Vega Prime

  • User Interface & Tools Building

    Desktop or Web: Qt, WPF, HTML5/CSS

  • Mathematical & Physical Simulation

    Real time physics, GPU & parallel programming

  • Cloud & Server Programming

    Google App Engine & Node.js

  • Hardware Interface

    Virtual Reality Hardware integrations


  • Web 3D Visualization

    For architects & designers (in Flash 3D / WebGL / Unity)

  • CAD, PLM & BIM

    CATIA V5/V6, SketchUp, 3Design

  • Elearning & Serious Games

    For manufacturing & design industries

  • Simulation

    Logical, FEA, Kinematic & real time approximations

  • Virtual Reality & Rapid Prototyping

    Large Screen, Dome, CAVE, Stereoscopy, Sensors

Management & Process

  • Intercultural Management


  • Agile Development

    Scrum, SCM (SVN & GIT)


What can I do for you ?

  • Technology Consultancy

  • Project Management

  • R&D & Product Development

  • Requirements & Functional Analysis

  • Technical Training

  • Europe/India Team Coordination

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